Frequently Asked Questions

you have questions?

Here are some of our most frequently asked questions. If you have more questions feel free to message us here.

Lead generation is a marketing tool that companies use to build consumer interest in their services. At Lead Ninjas we build ad campaigns through Facebook and Google to convert prospective customers into genuine leads.

Upon our qualification meeting, our Client Success Manager will gather information on your business and what you have to offer to transfer it to our design team. From there, our designers will build your campaign. This includes generating ad copy, making ad creative, setting up target audiences, and more. 

We spend the first month testing different strategies to optimize your qualified leads. As you get leads, our team will build an automated lead management flow system to help you maintain contact with those prospective leads to convert them into customers!

More revenue for your business means more customers…All those customers you are trying to find? They start out as leads. 

Lead generation does exactly as it says…it generates leads. We are vital to helping a business grow and attract new clients. We find leads. You get customers. You get money.

Our prices depend on what your business is looking for. For a full description of what we offer, check out our pricing page. Overall, we have three packages designed for different-sized businesses. Each offer includes an Facebook Ad, a Single Service Promotion, Lead Tracking, and Monthly Reporting.

Of course! There are no contracts involved with Lead Ninjas, everything is month-to-month.